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  • Natalie Mich LAc

My Happiness Philosophy

First and foremost, I am a regular, human person. I too have had to overcome some big life obstacles - and many of those obstacles were of my own creation. What I learned from my experiences is that when we make decisions based on our core values, we can keep a healthy balanced perspective, and live a happy, fulfilled life - even during difficult times.

Unfortunately, it's easy to lose a healthy perspective when we are stuck in survival mode for awhile. We start to make decisions based on fear and worry. We start to question ourselves. When that happens, we are bound to get a negative mindset. When I work with my clients, we begin by focusing on their heart - their individual, core values.

When we begin by aligning the heart with the mind, we can create a fulfilling, well rounded life. It seems so obvious, yet we still miss this basic point. Happiness occurs when you are living a life aligned with your values. It is a feeling that comes from within yourself from honoring yourself. My work is to remind people how to find their own flavor of happiness based on honoring what is deeply important to them in their lives.

Once we know where to find happiness, it's easier to change the negative mindset to a positive mindset. When we have a positive mindset, we can easily have a healthy balanced perspective and a high quality of life - a peaceful life. I believe all beings deserve a peaceful life. If not within the world, at least within him or herself.

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