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Coaching Services 

Free 15 minute Consultation

Let's see if we are a good fit!



When you schedule a Free 15 minute Consultation (by clicking the green button below

1. I will send you an email with a few quick questions to help me get to know you better

2. You reply to the email and send me your responses.

3. I prepare for our consultation

During the FREE 15 minute Consultation

1. We discuss the aspects that may be blocking you from your weight loss goals.

2. I will coach you on your biggest block

3. You will walk away from the consultation knowing where to start your weight loss journey!

After the end of the Free 15 minute Consultation

1. You can decide if Natalie helped you.

2. Continue to work with Natalie if it's a good fit.

Value: $115

Investment: FREE!

Private Coaching Sessions

Let's laser focus on the challenges so nothing stops you on your way to your goal weight!

Private coaching sessions are perfect for solving problems along your weight loss journey! Whether you hit a plateau. are having a hard time staying motivated, you have questions about what to do next, or new issues arise, I am here to support you. Let's figure it all out together in a laser focused 30" session!

Private Coaching Session Options

1-on-1 Coaching Sessions

Perfect for clients who want to laser focus on a specific challenge or concern facing them on their weight loss journey.  Clients will walk away with a step-by-step plan to overcome the obstacles they are facing. 

"Intuitive Weight Loss School

6 month Weight Loss Coaching Program 


6 Month Program [with Breaks for Holidays (and sanity!)]

  • Designed to provide the greatest opportunity for success in weight loss while providing comprehensive education about weight loss and wellness from both a Western Medical and Eastern Medical perspective.

    • 3 - 30 min 1 on 1 Deep Dive Coaching Sessions during the 6 months

      • Review your progress.​

      • Eliminate road blocks and blind spots.

      • Develop a plan for the next 6-8 weeks of your journey.

    • 20 - Weekly Educational Content: Presented SUNDAYS over ZOOM.

      • New Weight Loss Content Presented Weekly.

      • Time for Q/A BEFORE and AFTER Class.

      • Available by email for questions during the week.

    • EXPERT GUESTS who teach you lifestyle skills to make it ENJOYABLE to live SUSTAINABLY! 

  • Western Weight Loss Topics

    • General Medically Accepted Weight Loss Guidelines

  • Eastern Weight Loss Topics

    • The Eastern Ideas about Health and Food​

  • Intuitive Weight Loss Training

    • ​Intuitive Eating Framework

    • Food Guides

  • PowerPoint Notes for each weekly training session.

  • Weekly Reflection Homework to speed your results

  • Self Care Assignments

  • Private 60 min Cooking Class on Zoom

  • REPLAYS available

  • Time Investment – about 2 hours a week

    • Weekly Live Material – 45-60 min

    • Weekly Homework – 60 min

    • Lifestyle Time – Varies

      • Fitness/Exercise

      • Meal Prep, Food Prep

      • Stress Management Activities

      • Journaling

      • Self-Care Activities

20 hours of weekly coaching with Q/A x $400/hr = $8000

60 min Private Cooking Class to teach low cal ways of seasoning food = $350

3 - 30 min - Private Coaching Sessions x $200/ea = $600

$8950 VALUE

Cost: $4999/ student

5 Elements Group Coaching Progrm
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