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Do you need help losing weight?

Hi, I'm Natalie.
I'm here to help you!

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Included in your FREE Zoom Session:

  1. Answer the Intake Questions about your weight loss history when you schedule your appointment.

  2. Natalie will review your answers before your appointment to come up with a coaching plan for you.

  3. Natalie coaches you on the next step for weight loss.

  4. You decide if Natalie's plan works for you.



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If you're having trouble staying motivated, getting mixed results, or feeling stuck, my group has lots of resources to help you!

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Working Mom


START HERE if you're not sure where to start or what to change to lose weight!!

Benefits of Learning the Top 10 Weight Loss Habits:

  1. Get HEALTHY! 

  2. Get CLARITY! Know exactly what to focus on to lose weight in a healthy way.

  3. SAVE TIME! Stop searching for weight loss help on Google and TikTok.

  4. SAVE MONEY! Stop wasting cash on dangerous pills, supplements, and “diet food.”

  5. SIMPLIFY WEIGHTLOSS! Add these habits to your daily routine and lose weight every week on autopilot.



My Weight Loss Philosophy is based on the fusion of the Ancient Principles of Chinese Medicine and Modern Western Medical Research

There is no "ONE MISSING THING" when it comes to weight loss. It always comes back to listening to the body and giving it what it needs.

  • Losing weight isn't about "one food" or "one exercise" or "one diet" - those plans are fads and gimmicks.

  • Losing Weight is about creating lifestyle habits that create sustainable weight loss.

  • Losing Weight is about understanding what your body needs to be healthy, so you can take care of your body.

  • Losing Weight is about "eat intuitively" for weight loss, wellness, and longevity.

There is a BIG THING that needs to STOP in regards to weight loss. 

  • Toxic Approaches to Weight Loss, INCLUDING:

  • Negative Self Talk.

  • Hating Your Body.

  • Workouts that Spike Cortisol and Damage Hormones.

  • Punishing Yourself with Starvation.

  • Feeling Like a Failure and Using Shame to Motivate Yourself.

  • Being in Pain and Feeling Sick.

  • Hiding from Pictures and from Life.

Intuitive Weight Loss School

6 Month Weight Loss Program

Intuitive Weight Loss School Logo.png
  • Lose Weight by Listening to Your Body

  • Understand Your Body's Signals

  • Create a Healthy Lifestyle

  • Improve your Health and Self Esteem

  • Supportive, Comprehensive Program

    •  1 on 1 Deep Dive Coaching Sessions

    • Group Classes Presented SUNDAYS over ZOOM.

    • EXPERT GUESTS teach you lifestyle skills


Lisa M.

I LOVED this program! It’s the most comprehensive program I’ve found that focuses not just on weight loss, but overall health. There are so many weight loss fads out there that will help you lose weight but won’t result in improvement of overall health. This program teaches you to not just make good choices to promote weight loss, but to listen to your body and individualize a diet and lifestyle that will make you feel better as well as lose weight. It makes it easier to implement a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable beyond reaching a weight loss goal.


Ami S.

This program is very valuable. There is so much misinformation out there. I would, and have, recommended this program to friends and family. “The 5 Elements of Weight Loss Program" is
not an eating plan. It isn’t an exercise program. It is a fundamental shift in how to think about one’s body, food and movement. There are too many life lessons to count in the material, which is presented in bite size packets of information weekly. I feel I will never need another fad diet or body harming exercise routine.


Shannon B.

Oh My Goodness, Natalie I LOVE THIS! Thank you! The (program) was very insightful. I learned a lot of new things that I did not know. I think that
everything was positive!


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